Jeremy wine tasting at Domain Huet

Wine things I’ve done…many

In the early years, I worked in wine and spirits advertising & brand marketing/design strategy with a variety of wine brands, from some big names to the smallest. I loved making wine with my Italian father-in-law; worked in hospitality and had a short stint at a winery in Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia. I’ve studied at the Wine and Spirits Eduction Trust (WSET) and continue to expand my palate through many a wine tasting.

Food things I’ve done…plenty

I was born and raised in a foodie family – my grandmother and mother are superb cooks. As soon as I was able to reach the stove top, I simply absorbed, assisted and learnt from them how to cook. It came very naturally, As a self-taught cook, I had various short stints in some kitchens during and after my university, and also had my own food business in South Australia for a while. It was an amazing adventure and highly satisfying. My passion for cooking with wine commenced early and I perfected many wine-based recipes.

Why Great Wine Days

Great Wine Days is about the simple – yet, high quality good life, combining superb wine + food + travel experiences.

Many of you – are just like us – you love finding incredible wine and food experiences during travels; as it is the powerful combination of reconnecting with some of our most positive memories, through the flavours and aromas of wine and food; whilst discovering new travel destinations which tantalise all the senses.

Here’s to many more Great Wine Days ahead!

Jeremy (Editor) & GWD Team


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