Andrea Bellini, Cantine Bellini, Tuscany - Winery
Cantine Bellini Winery, Tuscany

Winemaker Interview Series – 5 Questions for:

Andrea Masi, Winemaker at Cantine Bellini, Tuscany, Italy.

Andrea Masi in Cantine Bellini Vineyard
Andrea Masi in the Vineyard

1- How long have you been making wine and what do you enjoy most?

The Bellini Family descends from an ancestry of landowners, which began to distribute their vineyard and farm products in the 19th century, paying close attention to wine production. We completed our portfolio for Cantine Fratelli Bellini, by buying Podere Il Pozzo vineyard in 1998. From that moment, we have focused on improving the quality of our Chianti Rufina wines, both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

One of my greatest pleasures, is to envisage how the beautiful fruit collected from our vineyards will become wine!

Andrea Bellini, Cantine Bellini, Tuscany - vineyard
Cantine Bellini Vineyard

2- What are the top 3 skills a good winemaker needs to possess today?

– A passion for working in the vineyard.

– Persistence in improving the quality of a wine, while maintaining its naturalness and enhancing its territorial features.

– Careful attention in working with nature for the preservation of our land.

At Cantine Bellini, we have long chosen organic cultivation for both our oil and wine products. We use all natural and biologically tested products, combined with greater control and attention in vineyards.

Podere Il Pozzo 'Canto Lupo'
Podere Il Pozzo ‘Canto Lupo’

3- What are your favourite red, white and sparkling wines of all time?

Red:  Barolo Rinaldi

White:  Sharis Livio Felluga

Sparkling:  Champagne Perrier-Joüet

Cantine Bellini cellar
Cantine Bellini Wine Cellar

4- How would you describe Podere Il Pozzo wines?

Our objective is to create the most authentic, traditional and natural wines. We want people to experience our region, our land and our history through the taste of our wines.

Podere Il Pozzo 'Chianti Rufina'
Podere Il Pozzo ‘Chianti Rufina’

5- What do you believe is the future of Tuscan wine ?  Why should wine & food lovers visit Tuscany?

Tuscany needs to maintain its roots and not follow the momentary trends and fads. We started wine production as early as 500 BC and it’s for this reason that Italy and, in particular, Tuscany, offers a multitude of quality wines and foods. Every city, every small town, has it’s own wine and traditional food. We think that Tuscany is naturally the ideal place for all wine & food lovers.

Thank you Andrea, it’s been a real pleasure!

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