6 of the Best Wine Bars in Paris

“What are the best wine bars in Paris?”. As a Parisian and wine enthusiast, I’m often asked what to recommend. Through my own ‘exhaustive’ trial and error, I’ve decided to share 6 of the Best Wine Bars in Paris for Great Wine Days readers. Santé!

Chez Nous (10 Rue Dauphine, 75006 Paris)

 Chez Nous wine bar, Paris
Photo credit: Chez Nous*

This small neighbourhood bar is tucked away in a narrow, one-way, Saint Germain street. A few minutes walk from the Pont Neuf, right in the centre of Paris, and ‘so’ Parisian.

The young passionate owners of Chez Nous offer a great deal of organic (no additives) natural wines from small producers, as well as exceptional products and tapas sourced directly from farms. Their main customers are ‘neighbours’ and locals, looking for great value for their money, as well as a welcoming atmosphere. Be ready to share your table with your neighbours, and order way too much of their delicious tapas and wines!

L’Ebeniste du Vin (72 Rue Boursault, 75017 Paris)

L'Ebeniste du Vin wine bar, Paris
Photo credit: L’Ebeniste du Vin*

If you want to share a bottle or more with some friends, L’Ebeniste du Vin is the go-to wine bar. This shop/wine bar has a selection of small delightful discoveries, as well as renowned labels. The sommelier knows his wines very well and will help you with the choice of wine. In a very convivial manner, at this bar, you don’t get a wine menu, you just get up and pick out your wine bottle straight from the shelf. Take note, that it is always crowded very early, so make sure to get there right at opening as they don’t take reservations.

Ô Chateau (68 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris)

Ô Château wine bar, Paris
Photo credit: Ô Château*

Unlike L’Ebeniste du Vin, above, this is the wine bar if you would like to try wines by the glass or even in a tasting format by ordering a sample size selection (or a ‘flight’). Ô Chateau serve over 40 wines by the glass, so you can try many different wines, without having to order a bottle. The staff are very friendly and fluent in English. Make sure you call ahead, as this wine bar is often crowded and occasionally hold private events in the evening. If you are in the area a little earlier, why not visit the Caves du Louvre (the former royal wine cellar renovated 2 years ago) nearby. Caves du Louvre offer a great sensorial wine experience – simply download their free app and have a walk through the cellar, learning about winemaking in France. This should whet your palate for Ô Chateau!

Gisou (Hotel 29 Lepic – 29 Rue Lepic, 75018 Paris)

Gisou wine bar, Paris
Photo credit: Gisou*

Gisou is MY favourite wine bar. Mainly because the staff are really friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxed and jovial. They don’t have such a wide selection of wines as the other bars, but every wine on offer is carefully picked and quite interesting. They have a ‘very local’ neighbourhood clientele and mingle with the hotel guests, which makes for a very happy, local Parisian experience.

Le Garde Robe (41 Rue de l’Arbre Sec, 75001 Paris)

Le Garde Robe is the ideal wine bar if you are into natural wines. Natural wine has a growing special place in the world of wine, and Le Garde Robe understand this very well, offering their selection of completely natural – free of preservatives (sulfites) – organic wine. It is really nice to have such a broad choice of these wines in Paris. The place is small and its tiny terrace gets packed quickly during summer, but you can make a reservation beforehand.

Legrand filles et fils (1 Rue de la Banque, 75002 Paris)

Legrand filles et fils wine bar, Paris
Photo credit: Legrand filles et fils*

This wine shop and bar is a Parisian institution being one of the first in Paris. Legrand filles et fils is accessible through Gallerie Vivienne – one of the most beautiful Parisian passages – and this shop is part of the charm. As you walk through the passage it feels like you are taking a trip back in time. Here, the selection (ie. Bordeaux, Champagne etc) is more classic, and the shop sells some of the greatest wines you will get to experience. They have been a family-run wine merchant business for generations, so wine runs through their veins! I like visiting for a glass of something superb and taking in the beauty of the place.


Writer & Contributor: Margaux Lienau. Margaux (Alumni Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne) is a passionate Parisian and qualified hospitality professional with a nose for great wine and where to enjoy it!

*All photos and their copyright are strictly owned by each respective wine bar. Editor: Jeremy Angelis

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