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Canon IXUS 185

Just before my recent trip through Asia, my Canon IXUS 130 camera decided to puts it’s feet up after a decade of being ‘worked-to-death’!

With only days left before heading off I didn’t want to make a hasty decision and buy a camera under pressure. So I thought, ‘why don’t I shoot my trip using just my smartphone camera?’. After all, the marketing hype and claims boasted clarity and a great zoom etc. Wow, what a poor decision that was…one which I strongly regret! More than half the images were useless…grrrr.

As soon as I arrived back home from travelling, I commenced my research to find a decent, inexpensive compact digital camera to take with me on the next trip. After many years of using SLR cameras I’d got used to the ‘point and shoot’ digital variety, and l loved it. From my previous experience with the IXUS 130, I decided to try their 2017 model: IXUS 185. This is a basic, compact digital camera.

Canon IXUS 185

The immediate difference which is appealing to me is, the IXUS 185 is small in size and lightweight, which fits into my pocket. The image quality is consistently great, with a decent LCD screen and many options to ensure clear images and the right amount of exposure. Also, no need to worry about the battery life (unlike my smartphone) as it lasts for many hours of shooting and reviewing. There is no need to carry additional lenses, as the IXUS 185 has an optical zoom lens range, from 24-mm wide-angle to 192-mm telephoto, making it very flexible. The easy push buttons and menu are fantastic even for the ‘non-photographer’ or those of us who cannot be bothered reading any lengthy manual.

Canon IXUS 185

In nutshell

Canon IXUS 185 is ideal for travellers, bloggers and really just about anyone. As mentioned earlier, it is a basic model, so whilst it may not be ideal for the professional photographer, it suits my photographic needs. And for its small price, it produces great quality digital images – which is key for me, when shopping for a digital camera.

(Note: the images within this blog post were not shot using the IXUS 185).

Happy shooting and travels!

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