Tasca Jota Lagos

Chef Interview Series – 5 Questions for:

Raquel Marques, Chef at Tasca Jota Lagos, Algarve, Portugal.


Chef Raquel Marques presents her famous Tapa: Lulas Crocantes (Crunchy Squid)
Chef Raquel Marques presents her famous Tapa: Lulas Crocantes (Crunchy Squid). Credit: Tasca Jota


What does Tasca Jota mean and what is the inspiration for this restaurant? 

Tasca Jota is the perfect marriage of the traditional Portuguese cuisine with a very modern twist. All our creations are based on Portuguese dishes and ingredients, but then something new and refreshing is added or altered and a Tasca Jota dish is born.


Goat’s Cheese and Beetroot Terrine
Goat’s Cheese and Beetroot Terrine. Credit: Tasca Jota


When and how did your passion for food commence? 

From a very early age, my creative self has always been very active and present. This creativity has drawn me to the Arts, and later to a Kitchen. Being able to create while cooking is really a great pleasure, both professionally and personally.


Brown Meagre on Chilli and Coriander Risotto
Brown Meagre on Chilli and Coriander Risotto. Credit: Tasca Jota


What is the best dish/recipe you have ever cooked and why?

Tasca Jota’s Ceviche!  This dish is based on a very typical Portuguese dish, which we’ve all grown up to know: Salada de Bacalhau com Grão – a cold salad of codfish with chickpeas.

Ceviche Bacalau (cod)
Ceviche Bacalau (cod). Credit: Tasca Jota


What is one or more highlights of your cooking career?

To have been given the opportunity to work with great national and international Chefs and their teams. All these people and experiences have formed my personality as a Chef and as a cook.

Tuna Tataki
Tuna Tataki. Credit: Tasca Jota


What do you feel makes Portuguese cuisine unique?

Portugal is fortunate to have the freshest and tastiest products there are… the fish and shellfish from our coast, the produce from our fields – all are unique! All of these seasoned with the Portuguese tradition and passion for cooking – the perfect match!


Thank you Raquel and Tasca Jota Team!



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