Review of EVA Air Premium Economy.

Overall Rating

I found EVA Air to be a good-value-for-money, safe airline. From seamlessly booking online on their website to the ground staff and onboard service, it is pretty faultless and easy. The crew and ground staff do a very decent job and this is the reason for my 3.8 Stars turning into 4 Stars…as the food is surprisingly a slight let-down (and we have made allowances being an airline, but as wine and food lovers we feel obliged to share this with our community).

Positives: Highly Recommend & Commend

I highly recommend EVA Air’s Premium Economy, as not only is the service great by the attentive and friendly, well-groomed staff (what a huge difference a smile makes!), but comfortable due to the additional leg space and width of seats. Some reports claim the seats are not comfortable but I disagree from my experience, and I am a tall, larger guy. You can sleep or recline your seat (please do so after meal service so the person behind you can eat with ease!) and use the entertainment system. The entertainment selection was just right for the length of flight. The food was served in a timely manner but was OK, not great. Staff do walk up and down the cabin offering water and drinks to keep passengers hydrated, throughout the flight and toilets are maintained and very clean.

Negatives: Food Improvement Needed

Main meals were fairly decent and served in a timely manner and hot – they also contain a salad and fruit. Selection of wine was actually decent…Rioja red drank well.

However, the ‘bread rolls’ are to be avoided altogether. EVA if you can’t offer something half decent why bother, as those white dried outer crust rolls look and feel like cardboard balls. Also, snacks offered between meals are poor. In EVA Air’s case, they offer Chinese crackers; and the only sandwich roll offered is horrible, made from processed yellow stuff aka cheese; and something resembling – I suppose – ham. Inedible and a waste of your food and beverage budget. Would have much preferred an apple, pear or banana!

It diminishes the positives EVA offers. And then….

There’s this dreadful stuff – I LOATHE – called ‘creamer’…EVA Air is not alone ofcourse. BUT, PLEASE STOP using creamer on flights ie. whipped-up, white-coloured gunk…it’s just disgusting! Oil floating on top of your cup of coffee or tea…This rubbish should be banned.

Venting over, back to the good stuff…

EVA Air’s Premium Economy also has some privileges similar to Business class, such as a toiletries bag (toothbrush, ear plugs, sleeping mask, moisturiser and socks); disposable slippers; a bottle of water; excellent noise cancellation headphones and the bonus of allowing Premium Economy passengers to keep watching a film or listening to music until the plane docks and stops. Economy passengers unfortunately do not. Scroll to see photos below.

I was fortunate on the flight to Taiwan to have a free wing seat to spread out. The best seats are those on the flank or wing as there are ever only 2. Avoid seats close to toilets – this rule applies on all airlines!

Would I fly EVA Air again? YES!

Happy flying.

Premium Economy, EVA Air

EVA Air Premium Economy

USB Power Point Below Seat,Premium Economy, EVA Air

Dinner, Premium Economy, EVA Air

EVA Air Premium Economy Toiletries


EVA Air Premium Economy slippers


EVA Air Premium Economy noise-reduction headphones


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